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Vacances Mont Blanc is part of the story of a family. Indeed, before talking about Vacances Mont-Blanc, we must talk about Mont Blanc Immibilier.

The story begins in 1970 when Mr. DUFFOUG-FAVRE Daniel carries out his project of creating a real estate agency in Saint-Gervais.

After a few years, which allowed the company to become sustainable, 2 new real estate agencies were created in 1977: one in Combloux and one in Contamines Montjoie.
Following this, Mr. DUFFOUG-FAVRE and his employees put all their energy to make Mont Blanc Immobilier an indisputable brand in Mont Blanc area.
It was then that in 2006 a new agency was created on the station of Les Houches. After that, Mr DUFFOUG-FAVRE’s son, Laurent DUFFOUG-FAVRE is appointed Managing Director in 2009.

New director, new vision.

3 years after the appointment of Mr. DUFFOUG-FAVRE Laurent as General Manager, so in 2012, a partnership is created between Mont-Blanc Immobilier and ARVE Immobilier Saint-Gervais.
The following year, that is to say, in 2013, two new agencies opened their doors in Megève and Passy, ​​and the partnership made the previous year becomes stronger with the new partnership ARVE Immobilier Chamonix.
It was in 2013 that Vacances Mont-Blanc was born with the resumption of operations on the tourist residences Le Grand Panorama *** and Les Fermes de Saint-Gervais ****.
In 2015, it was the takeover of the L’Écureuil *** campsite that expanded and diversified Mont-Blanc Immobilier’s business.

Until today, 2 other agency Mont-Blanc Real Estate have been incorporated: Fayet and Sallanches.



  • + 50 employees
  • 9 Agencies
  • 5 Trades
  • +1,000,000 Nights
  • +170 000 Stays
  • + 10,000 families accommodated
  • + 7,500 Sales
  • 400 Sales / year
  • 5,000 Lots in Management
  • € 4 million from C.A



  • Real Estate Optimization Tips
  • Land Operations Pilotage
  • Land cutting and servicing
  • Housing rehabilitation
  • Co-ownership
  • Real estate feasibility study
  • Security of your real estate
  • Full support for your property
  • Perfect knowledge of rental and transactional markets
  • Reactivity and control
  • Expertise under 48H
  • Transparency and clarity
  • Regional presence
  • Trust and proximity
  • Specialist by profession
  • Unique and personal relationship
  • A team to value your property