Coronavirus – Covid 19

Important information about COVID-19:

Following the latest decisions and the ongoing epidemic of Covid-19, we inform our customers and any prospect that our establishments have been closed since 16/03/2020 until further notice.

Customers who are still in our accommodation are invited to reach their main place of residence and to leave the premises no later than this day at noon, otherwise your journeys would be difficult and complicated by the controls and confinement decided and announced last night.

For all future reservations, arriving between 16/03 and 02/05/2020 at least, they will all be canceled shortly.
We will not be welcoming anyone until further notice.
A credit of the amount paid to date will be offered to you and sent by email or sms.

For all customers who leave early, you will also be offered a credit in proportion to your stay and the share of stay not made.

Our teams are placed on partial unemployment and have limited access to their emails.
For any questions, you can contact us by email at

Thank you for your understanding.

The VMB team