General sales terms and conditions

1. Conclusion of the contract



2. Price






3. Payment

Payement security
Additional fees




4. Location

State of the rental

5. Cancellation

Cancellation guarantee


These general and particular sales conditions take precedence over any other prior conditions or any general conditions of purchase.

The validation by the customer of his order, any sales channel, implies acceptance, on the one hand, of these general and specific conditions, fully and without reservation, and, on the other hand, the description of the rented premises and the all services made available (against payment) by Mont-Blanc Immobilier for the chosen destination, the client being supposed to have read about it on the website or by any other means put in his disposition.
We draw your attention to the fact that the photos presented on our brochures or our website are in no way contractual and could not oblige us or engage our responsibility. They should be considered as simple illustrations.

1. Conclusion of the contract

The reservation can be made in writing, by phone, by email to the relevant agencies, via the internet via the agencies’ website or from the partners. The electronic receipt sent by the agencies is not a confirmation of the acceptance of the reservation. The travel contract is concluded upon receipt of payment. The customer will be informed of receipt of payment and validation of the contract either by mail or by post within a maximum period of 7 days.
Each contract is concluded as tourist accommodation. Clients could not use rentals as a primary or secondary residence. They must not engage in any commercial, craft or professional activity. The use of the premises is limited to the seasonal hiring, the right of subletting is formally forbidden.
The right of withdrawal of the consumer, in accordance with the provisions of Article L 221-28 of the Consumer Code, is not applicable for “the provision of accommodation services, transport, catering, recreation that must be provided at a specific date or periodicity. Thus, the right of withdrawal is not applicable for rental agreements concluded with Vacances Mont-Blanc, Village Mont-Blanc and Mont-Blancl Immobilier.

2. Price

Mont Blanc Immobilier reserve the right to change the price at any time. Stays are all billed based on rates in effect at the time of booking registration. All orders, whatever their origin, are payable in euros. Prices are per room and per week unless otherwise stated. They do not include the tourist tax, additional services or the deposit that the customer must pay upon arrival. Our product offers are valid as long as they are visible on the site mentioned in case of booking via the internet, or when requesting telephone information in case of reservation with the reception teams or with the people in the agency.

3. Payment

Mont-Blanc Immobilier offer different methods of payment, including: credit card (credit card, MasterCard, visa), checks, ANCV checks, cash. When booking, the client agrees to pay part or all of the amount of the stay based on arrival dates.
The amount of the deposit is 20% of the rental price, and are to be paid to reserve the property permanently rented. The balance of the prize must be paid at least 30 days before the effective date of the contract. For bookings made in the month before the start of the contract, the full price of the reservation must be paid.
Online payment is secure. The customer must have paid the full balance of his rental on the due date. Thus, it authorizes Vacances Mont-Blanc, Mont-Blanc Village and Mont-Blanc Immobilier as soon as the deposit is due to debit his credit card at the due date for the next payment of his rental. If the customer wishes to make the balance of his reservation by another means of payment, he must inform the agency concerned before the deadline. In the absence of a choice of another payment within the time limit, the agency concerned by the reservation will automatically debit his credit card for the corresponding amount.
All rental documents will be sent by mail or by mail in due time, when the total amount has been paid.
In case of balance not paid within the given period, the agencies reserves the possibility to consider the reservation as null and cancel.

Payment security

Thanks to our secure PAYBOX server, we guarantee complete reliability of all your transactions. For this, we use the most efficient encryption system on the market: SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This encryption system is the most widely used on the internet to protect the transmission of information between a client and a server. It allows the transfer of your bank details online safely. In addition, it is compatible with the latest versions of all browsers on the market. When introducing your confidential data you will see the following pictograms: . This is proof that the site is secure and that you can enter your card number with confidence. The SSL protocol encrypts all your bank details at the time of their entry. During their single transfer via internet, it is impossible to read them. We never have access to your bank details.

Additional fees

Fixed costs that must be paid are included in the price of the trip. The variable costs that depend on the number of people, the composition of the group of people are collected by the competent people.
The booking fees, of an appropriate amount, amount to a flat rate for any booking whatever the method of payment. These fees must be paid at the time of booking and are collected in addition to the rental price. These fees may nevertheless vary or disappear on the sites of our partners.
Tourist taxes are not included in the price of rentals. Their amounts calculated per person (adults, these taxes do not apply to children under 18) and per night, are fixed by the Municipal Councils. These instruct our agencies to collect them from the customers, and to repay them. These taxes are thus to be paid by the customers on their arrival.
At the time of handing over the keys, the landlord or the key holder may require the payment of a deposit of an appropriate amount. This payment can be made by check, cash or credit card. In the event that the customer arrives outside the opening hours of the reception, he must send his deposit to the reception before the day of his arrival and have paid his stay to be able to recover the keys of his rental.
The deposit will be returned upon departure after the control of the apartment by a member of the team. The return of the deposit does not exclude any action for the repair of any deterioration found or for cleaning fees if the apartment is not left clean. The deposit can be kept in its entirety and returned only in part in the event of a possible action for the repair of any damage noted, minus the value of the damaged items and bank charges caused by payment by check or foreign currency.
In the event that the client has an impossibility to leave on the opening hours of the reception of the residences, and that therefore the check-out could not be done with a member of the team, the deposit would be restored to him under a fortnight after his departure, as soon as a verification of the apartment was made.

4. Location

The tenant will make arrangements to arrive at the agency or at the reception during opening hours (see below). Otherwise, if he wishes to take possession of the keys outside the opening hours, he must pay the balance and the deposit by mail before his arrival. The agency will then specify the place where the keys will be deposited.
9h-12h and 14h-18h30 every day except Sundays and public holidays
The tenant is obliged to comply with the by-law in which his tenancy is located.
The agency reserves the right to visit the premises in case of sale or rental of housing, when the request will be made.


The descriptions indicate whether the accommodation is equipped with bed linen and towels, whether to bring or if it is mandatory to rent on site. The standard width of the French beds is 1.40 m. If it is possible to rent bed linen and / or towels on site, and if the customer wants to use this service, it must be indicated when booking or before arrival. Always bring your own pool or beach towels. As a general rule, you should also take the toilet paper, the washing-up liquid and the cleaning products.
The number of occupants of the rental could not exceed the limit of the number of existing beds as defined in the description which the tenant acknowledges having read.
Descriptions indicate whether extra beds and chairs for children are available. It is the customer’s responsibility to check if the availability is within the limits of the residences or dwellings. It should be reserved when booking and confirmed.
The customer will have to check if the accommodation accepts pets (in principle dog or cat). In all cases, the pet must be declared at the time of booking, indicating what type of animal it is.
The agency is released from any liability in the event of theft or burglary in the rented premises. The owner declares that the building or part of the building belonging to him is insured for the risks which concern him, but the tenant will have to make out for the risks dependent on his rental liability or covering his personal belongings.


The dwellings are equipped with crockery and cutlery generally complete and in sufficient number for the number of people registered. The technical appliances, such as oven, microwave, electric coffee makers and dishwashers are available if the description mentions them expressly.
The TV mentioned in the description of the property refers to a colour television. In the presence of satellite or cable reception, the text bears the mention of satellite or cable. However, there is no guarantee that programs can be received in all languages.
Internet and WIFI are available if they are specifically mentioned in the description. Vacances Mont-Blanc does not answer for the permanent availability and the speed and the compatibility. Internet and WIFI are not suitable for commercial use. The customer uses WIFI / Internet at his own risk. The law in force applies to their use. The customer is therefore obliged not to download data containing material (eg movies, music) protected by copyright and distributed illegally on exchanges on the internet. In the event of faulty breach of the customer’s obligations, the latter guarantees us against any action by third parties.
As a tenant, the client can use the entire rented property, including furniture and everyday objects. He undertakes to treat the rented object, his inventory and the possible common equipment with the greatest care. He is obliged to make good any damage caused by his fault, the fault of the persons accompanying him or his guests during the duration of the hiring. The damages can be charged to the deposit.

State of the rental

The tenant will, in his interest, check on his arrival in the housing the inventory of fixtures and the proper functioning of household appliances and sanitary. If claim must be, it must be notified to the agency in writing and within 48 hours of arrival (72 hours for rentals agencies Mont-Blanc Real Estate). After this period, it can no longer be taken into account. For complaints concerning the household, the complaint must be immediate, with photos in support.
Due to the large number of arrivals and departures at the same time, it is possible that the agency can not verify the leased premises in the presence of the tenant. An inventory having been made at the departure of the previous tenant, the agency will check the premises upon arrival of the next occupant or within 48 hours after departure.


The apartments entrusted must be maintained and left clean. Cleaning is the responsibility of the customer. This includes cleaning : the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, toilet, washing and storing the dishes, removing any remaining food and any garbage, removing sheets, sweeping / vacuuming in all rooms, so as to be able to restore the rented object clean.
In some buildings there is a garbage room on each level. In the opposite case, the garbage must be deposited in the premises in the basement or in the outer containers preferably.


The tenant will occupy the exact parking space or box whose number is indicated on the description of the apartment.


It is forbidden to put skis in the apartment. Ski storage is provided in most buildings.


Interruptions of operation in the General Services of the building such as: heating, hot or cold water, electricity, etc … and similarly for public services such as: water pipe, electricity, telephone, access, etc … not justify a reduction of rent if they are not due to an act of will of the lessor. The agency declines any responsibility for any privation or diminution of enjoyment. It is the same for all TV-HIFI devices, appliances, shutters and blinds.
Because of the difficulties encountered in the season to obtain the intervention of personnel or a specialized company, the agency declines all responsibility for the delay in carrying out the necessary repairs. Tenants of cottages will have to provide snow removal during their stay.

5. Cancellation

The conditions that follow will apply only for rentals taken from agencies Mont Blanc Immobilier.
It is agreed in case of cancellation:
• Because of the tenant (except subscription made of the cancellation guarantee and on justified proof):
– More than one month before the effective date of the contract, the tenant loses the deposit paid,
– Less than one month before the effective date of the contract, the tenant loses the balance of the lease
• Due to the lessor:
– Within seven days of the withdrawal, he must pay double the deposit to the tenant.
Any cancellation must be notified by registered letter.

Cancellation guarantee

The conditions that follow will apply only for rentals taken from agencies Mont Blanc Immobilier.
The cancellation guarantee whose applications are mentioned below is offered by VMB.
The amount of the guarantee corresponds to 3% of the total amount of the stay on the part accommodation with a minimum of premium of 12 € TTC. The subscription of this guarantee must be made at the same time as the contract. Once this is established, it could not be cancelled. The payment of the premium is included in the amount of the deposit to be paid upon booking.

The guarantee is granted to :
• Any reservist of a stay having subscribed the guaranteed cancellation during the reservation as well as the participants mentioned on the registration file.
Guarantee: the contract guarantees the refund of 100% of the sums paid under the deposit of the rent, deducting the amount of the guarantee, the expenses of file and a lump sum of cancellation of 35 €. Only according to the conditions of sale stipulated in the reservation contract provided that the cancellation is the consequence of one of the following events:
• Serious illness, serious accident or death of the insured, his spouse or his immediate ascendants or descendants, or any other person mentioned in the contract.
* By serious illness and serious accident, it is understood any deterioration of health observed by a medical authority notoriously competent, or any bodily injury prohibiting the tenant from leaving his home or the hospital where the insured person is being treated on the date of the beginning of the rental period and involving the cessation of any professional or other activity, or incompatible with the nature of the trip and justified by a medical certificate.
• Loss resulting in significant damage to the insured person’s home or to the company belonging to the insured, occurring before his departure and requiring his presence at the place of the accident on the day of departure, and justified by a declaration of insurance.
• Inability to make the stay, either as a result of sudden and unforeseen dismissal or as a result of transfer, involving a definitive change of residence of the reserve, provided that the notification of the employer is after the effective date of the guarantees.
The warranty is applicable to D-3. Less than 3 days before the beginning of the stay, the amount of the deposit paid could not be refunded.
Exclusions: the following claims are excluded from the cancellation guarantee:
• Civil or foreign wars,
• Natural disasters and catastrophes whose events that would motivate them prior to the subscription of these guarantees,
• The weather conditions and snow conditions of the ski area,
• Interruption of the stay, whether or not the tenant,
• A condition or situation prior to the reservation such as: a medical condition or a pre-existing infirmity and their evolutionary complication, pregnancy beyond the 3rd month, childbirth,
Formalities in case of disaster: except in cases of force majeure, the insured must notify the provider of the event causing the loss and give notice of the loss in writing with acknowledgment of receipt no later than 5 days of the loss, to VMB, with all the supporting documents requested and the original of the contract.


To settle your disputes, as a first step, you must send us a written complaint, by email to the address or to the address of your local agency (appearing at the top of your documents) , or by mail to the registered office at 29 Avenue de Miage 74170 Saint-gervais or to the local agency whose address appears at the top of your documents.
One month later, if you are not satisfied, you can contact the “Médiation – Vivons mieux ensemble” mediation service simply and free of charge by electronic means by submitting your file on, or by ordinary mail (attach your email, your phone and the written complaint) to the following address: 464 avenue de la Libération – 54000 NANCY.


It is specified that the tenant’s details may be used by VMB for commercial purposes. These will not be communicated to anyone.
ELECTIONS DE DOMICILE: the parties make an election of domicile, at the agency MONT BLANC IMMOBILIER, 29 avenue de Miage, 74170 SAINT-GERVAIS LES BAINS; in case of dispute, the court of Bonneville (Haute-Savoie) is recognized as the only competent.